AADR, research community encourages Congress to raise spending caps

The American Association for Dental Research joined over 200 organizations in a letter to House and Senate leaders encouraging them to raise the defense and non-defense spending caps established under the 2011 Budget Control Act. The letter also encourages Congress to override sequestration, which will return in 2018. This will significantly hamper scientific research. From the letter:

Whether the challenge before us is fiscal, economic, health or security-related, Americans do not acquiesce to threats, we end them. Our nation must not block its own path by forsaking strategic investments. We urge you to forge another bipartisan budget deal that increases the spending caps and overrides sequestration, setting the stage for a safe, prosperous and healthy future.

The Coalition for Health Funding provides a helpful explanation of sequester here. AADR will continue to follow the FY18 appropriations process and provide updates. Please continue to follow the Government Affairs and Science Policy blog for developments.

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