President’s FY14 Budget Proposes Flat Funding of NIH

Today, President Obama released his much anticipated budget request for Fiscal Year 2014. The President’s Budget Request (PBR) contained $31.1 billion for the National Institutes of Health or a 1.5% increase over the Fiscal Year 2012 level. The administration uses FY12 as a baseline, given that the FY13 budget was set at the FY12 level for the entire year. Reductions of roughly 5.1% will be taken from the FY12/FY13 budget level in most cases. The PBR largely ignores sequestration, as most numbers provided for FY13 are at the pre-sequestration level. In the administration’s funding plan, the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research is provided $411.5 million or 0.4% more than the FY12 level. The PBR states that it will support 9,400 new and competing grants, an increase of roughly 8%. The increase will be funded largely by reducing continuation awards by 1%, reducing inflationary increases to grants, and reducing the size of awards.

AADR will provide analyses of the FY14 PBR in the days ahead. However, some additional items of note that we can now share include:

National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences– $665.7 million, or a 15.7%/$90.3 million increase over FY12;

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality–  $334 million base, or a 9.5%/$35 million reduction from FY12;

HRSA, Health Professions– $451.4 million, or a 29.6%/$189.9 million reduction from FY12;

National Science Foundation– $7.63 billion, or a 8.5%/$593 million increase over FY12

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