Senator Murray Seeks $55 billion More for Non-Defense Programs

Senate Budget Chair, Patty Murray (D-WA), released her budget resolution for Fiscal Year 2014, which starts on October 1st. This Senate resolution is a sharp contrast to the budget resolution released by the House Budget Chairman, Paul Ryan (R-WI). While both resolutions have requested $966 billion for discretionary spending, Senator Murray requested $497 billion for defense, and $469 billion for non-defense (non-defense covers education, NIH, FDA, CDC, and others). Representative Ryan requested $522 billion for defense and $414 billion for non-defense. This means that the difference in allocations for non-defense between the two resolutions is $55 billion, or 13% more than what Ryan’s budget requested for non-defense. The House and Senate will likely proceed on with the FY14 appropriations process without agreeing on top-line budget numbers, instead opting to assign budget allocations to agencies and programs within their respective top-line caps. At the end of the process, we are likely to see appropriations bills produced with dramatically different numbers — between House and Senate versions — for agencies such as NIH and NSF.

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